Objectives & Goals

The objectives and goals of the CDD are expected to have the following eventual benefits for participants, the University of Georgia and the State of Georgia:

  1. provide a mechanism to better integrate interdisciplinary research efforts in developing new chemical and biological entities to combat targeted diseases;
  2. act as an administrative core with a central data base for scientific expertise and facilities and administer and coordinate joint efforts in drug discovery;
  3. seek new research opportunities through identifying potential resources, through helping to link researchers to form strong interdisciplinary groups, through obtaining access to shared core resources, laband through a program of seed grant support;
  4. develop joint recruitment plans for graduate students interested in drug discovery from relevant disciplines and achieve success in obtaining a NIH-funded training grant for integrated, interdisciplinary research efforts in drug discovery;
  5. contribute to enhancing core facilities;
  6. organize joint seminars and an annual conference on drug discovery;
  7. seek funds (e.g., through the GRA) to improve research facilities for drug discovery participants;
  8. work with Schools and Colleges to strengthen education on drug discovery;
  9. work to establish endowments that will support the CDD;
  10. work to enhance scientific interactions with pharmaceutical companies;
  11. contribute to the recruitment and retention of highly competent faculty, staff and postdoctoral associates in drug discovery and complementary sciences;
  12. utilize the Center as an "economic engine" for the State of Georgia in the area of pharmaceuticals and related biotechnology.

Core Values

The core values of the Center summarized below are closely related to that outlined in the "Core Values for Planning" and "Institutional Values" of the University of Georgia.

Research and Scholarship

  • Aspiration to achieve the highest levels of research, scholarship and creative expression.
  • Furthering research and education through innovative discoveries.


  • Dedication to the highest levels of integrity in scientific research.


  • Promoting partnership, teamwork and mutual respect.