Yujun George Zheng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602

Office: R.C. Wilson, Rm Rm. 354   
Voice: 706-542-0277
: yzheng@uga.edu


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Miami, Miami, FL 2002

M.S. Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing, China 1998

B.S. Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing, China 1995

Research Interests

Chemical Biology
Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Zheng’s research lab works on the forefront area of chemistry and biology. In particular, we are particularly interested in addressing critical problems and challenges in the rapidly evolving field of epigenetics that usually describes gene expression profile changes that are irrelevant to genomic sequence. Mounting data show that epigenetic processes play pivotal roles in transforming normal cells into malignant tumors and in various other pathologic conditions. Abnormality in epigenetic landscape presents characteristic biomarkers for disease diagnosis. The importance of epigenetic regulation in disease initiation and evolvement also signifies a new flow of challenges and opportunities to disease research and pharmaceutical discovery. Therefore, identifying key chromatin regulatory factors such as histone modifying enzymes and chromatin remodeling complexes, understanding their activity, specificity and functional roles, and inventing potent and selective drug compounds embody demanding needs in today’s biology and pharmaceutical research. Our laboratory is innovating and applying advanced chemical and biological strategies, tools and agents to elucidate functions of epigenetic enzymes in disease mechanism and meanwhile provide new diagnostic and therapeutic regimens.

Of Note

Post-doctoral Experience
Postdoctoral training in Pharmacology, 2002-2006, Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Maryland
Honors and Awards
Georgia Cancer Coalition (GCC) Distinguished Cancer Scholar
GSU Faculty Award for Undergraduate Research, 2010

Selected Publications

Qian, K. and Zheng, Y. G. (2014) Labeling: Palladium brings proteins to life. Nature Chem Biol. 10, 328-330

Yan, L., Yan, C., Su, H., Qian, K., Wofford, S., Lee, W., Zhao, X., Ho, M., Ivanov, I. and Zheng, Y. G. (2014) Diamidine Compounds for Selective Inhibition of Protein Arginine Methyltransferases. J Med Chem. 57, 2611-2622.

Yang, C., Ngo, L., Zheng, Y. G. (2014) Rational Design of Substrate-Based Multivalent Inhibitors of Histone Acetyltransferases. ChemMedChem. 9, 537-541.

Zhang, R., Li, X., Liang, Z., Zhu, K., Lu, J., Kong, X., Ouyang, S., Li, L., Zheng, Y. G. and Luo, C. (2013) Theoretical insights into catalytic mechanism of protein arginine methyltransferase 1. PLoS One. 8, e72424.

Yang, C., Mi, J., Feng, Y., Ngo, L., Gao, T., Yan, L. and Zheng, Y. G. (2013) Labeling lysine acetyltransferase substrates with engineered enzymes and functionalized cofactor surrogates. J Am Chem Soc. 135, 7791-7794.