Michael P. Terns, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Professor

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Genetics

Office: Davidson Life Sciences Complex, Rm Rm. A326   
Voice: 706-542-1896
: mterns@bmb.uga.edu


Ph.D. Pharmacology, Pennsylvania State University 1990

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Michigan 1985

Research Interests

Antiviral Research
RNA-based Immune Systems

The Terns lab studies RNA-driven biological pathways with the goal of improving the understanding and treatment of human disease, and advancing biotechnology and industrial applications. Currently, they are working to delineate a series of newly identified RNA-guided immune systems that protect prokaryotes from viruses and other genome invaders - the CRISPR-Cas systems. This exciting research is leading to new ways to strengthen beneficial microorganisms that produce food, pharmaceuticals and biofuels, combat disease-causing bacteria, and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Of Note

Post-doctoral Experience
University of Wisconsin, 1995
Honors and Awards
American Cancer Research Scholar
Creative Research Medal, University of Georgia
Member of New York Academy of Sciences
Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia

Selected Publications

Hale, C.R., Majumdar, S., Elmore, J., Pfister,, N., Compton,, M., Olson, S., B.R., Resch, A.M., Glover, C.V.C., Graveley, B.R., Terns, R.M. and Terns, M.P. (2011) Essential features and rational design of CRISPR RNAs that function with the Cas RAMP module complex to cleave RNAs. Molecular Cell, 45:292-302.

Terns, M.P. and Terns, R.M. (2011) CRISPR-based adaptive immune systems. Current Opinion in Microbiology, 14(3)321-327.

Carte, J., Pfister, N.T., Compton, M.M., Terns, R.M. and Terns, M.P. (2010) Binding and cleavage of CRISPR RNA by Cas6. RNA, 16(11):2181-8.

Hale, C., Zhao, Peng, Z, Olson, S, Duff, M.O., Graveley, B.R., Wells, L., Terns, R.M. and Terns, M.P. (2009). RNA-Guided RNA Cleavage by a CRISPR RNA-Cas Protein Complex. Cell, 139(5):945-956.

Carte, J., Wang, R., Li, H., Terns, R.M. and Terns, M.P. (2008) Cas6 is an Endoribonuclease that Generates Guide RNAs for Invader Defense in Prokaryotes. Genes & Development. (22):3489-3496.